Upper Catchment Update

Upper Catchment Data between 17/06 and 20/07/2020

What a beautiful frosty morning! Dean, Kaden, Jonathan, and I scrambled over the fence and up the catchment. At each site we collected data and gathered water samples. At 3a the water was sluggish and cold with a significant amount of sediment present, be careful how you collect the samples! We are testing the water not the water and sediment. There are sheep grazing the pasture.

Map of the sites 3A, 3 and 3C in the upper catchment

Then we followed the sheep up the catchment dropped off bottles at 3B and continued up to 3C, scrambled under the fence and did the business at 3C, much less sediment.

The bottom or substrate at 3B, rocks and smaller gravel covered with a thin layer of sediment. The large rock on the foreground is about 70cm across. Many small snails, mayfly nymphs and koura present.
This is looking down the catchment from beside 3B. There is no protection of the banks other than pasture grass.

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